EasyBulb Plus Product Launch Announcement

The long awaited day is finally  here. We are announcing the official launch of our invention, EasyBulb Plus. We have worked many long hours and months to get  here and the day has finally arrived. Imagine the excitement Thomas Alva Edison must have felt when he finally tried that 1000th way to make his lightbulb work. Imagine his thrill at realizing that he had invented something that would take people into another world…a world in which there was light. No more need for candles and kerosene lamps. And though his little invention would still need tweaking before Humphry Davy would take it to the consumer, our little lightbulb is ready today!


EasyBulb Plus is an invention that will simplify your life, help you save energy and money, and be an added technological pleasure to your home. Imagine being able to change the colors in your home with nothing more than your iPhone or smart device. Imagine a world where you can decide when you want the lights to come on and go off. Schedule events and timers. Create fantastic light and music shows by synching your iTunes collection with your light system. For advanced  users, there is even a programming function so that you can use our API development system with open source programming to make our invention do whatever you want!

Imagine the increased feeling of security you’ll have in knowing that you can set a timer from thousands of miles away to change the lighting so that you will create the illusion that you are at home. Our product adds convenience, gives you more time to do the things you want, and adds a dimension to your life that was lacking. Home automation at its finest is in your hands with our new EasyBulb Plus.

We will be featuring more information in future blog posts regarding our invention, as well as giving you tips on how you can save energy and money, sharing new technology information with you, and more. Please join us now for our official product launch on our Kickstarter page.

Remember, there are four words that began it all: “Let there be light!”