Let There Be Light! EasyBulb Plus Kickstarter Launch

Well the day has finally arrived and our EasyBulb Plus has finally launched, after many many months of planning and hard work. We appreciate everyone on our team and everyone who had the insight and the vision to help us with the project and we are excited to be moving forward with our product now. We will keep this blog updated from time to time to keep you up on what is going on moving forward. We welcome your comments and suggestions and please email us with any questions and we will be happy to answer them.

Our Kickstarter project is now live, but we still need your help. If you want to be a part of this revolutionary technology, this “next big thing,” then we urge you to help us by investing in our project. You can find all of the information on our Kickstarter page at:




Easybulb Plus makes several improvements on the original project “EasyBulb,” including a better design and implementation, and more attractive appearance. Easybulb plus offers many exciting features which people will want and need to make their lives more convenient, including:

  • High-tech functions- Program from afar off, while on vacation, set sleep timers or other events to go off when you want.
  • Increased security: Set your lights to go off or to change colours at the push of a button using your smart device.
  • More fun: Have fun synching the device with your iTunes library to create your very own light show with  music. Great application to parties and DJ shows, etc.
  • Programming capabilities: For advanced users and programmers, we created this with an open source platform so that you could design and program your own commands, events, and occurrences with API integration.
  • Gives you the control: Our Easybulb Plus device gives you the power of security and control right in the palm of your hand by allowing you to change settings any time and implement any number of actions such as notifications from email and SMS text messaging!
  • Modern Look and Design: Our look has greatly improved from the original Easybulb and this makes it more appealing to potential consumers.

These are just a few of the reasons people are interested in our invention.  It takes a technology we all know (the modern light bulb) and creates a hybrid technology with our smart devices so that you can take the power of your lighting and make it better. But make no mistake. What we created didn’t just make the light bulb better. We also created convenience. We created uniqueness. We created a sense of power to the user which he never had before. We even created a way he could program his own lights to do what he wanted.

We have plans to launch globally very soon but before we do that, we still need more people on board who believe in our vision.

Check out the details of our little light bulb here and see for yourself what an amazing device we’ve created. Make sure and check out our social media too on Facebook and Twitte, so you’ll be sure to get regular updates to the project’s progress. And check out our Easybulb YouTube page too.

Imagine what it would have been like to have been a part of Thomas Edison’s original light bulb.

It’s true…we didn’t invent the first light bulb, but we invented the best one.

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