Easybulb Smartlights Common Questions and Answers

Below are some of the common questions and answers that most of our buyer look out for before placing their orders. We are putting them in our blog for the benefit of some of our users that are not aware.

  • How many bulbs can you have managed on a hub(Wifi Controller)?
  • You can use as many bulbs as you like on a hub. We have tested over 70 bulbs on one Controller and they worked perfectly.
  • How many bulbs can one of the remote controls manage? Ie. if I had 6 bulbs downstairs can the one remote manage them all (turning them on/off etc).
  • The remote can control as many bulb as possible. We have tested over 50pcs at once.
  • How many bulbs can I control Individually from one Easybulb Wifi box?
  • One Wifi box will give you 8 Groups to play with. Four RGBW coloured bulbs group and four White light group. That does not limit the amount of bulbs that can be controlled from a particular group. Meaning that you can control as many bulbs as you want from any group.
  • Do I need the Wifi box if I only want to use the Easybulb remote?
  • No you will not need the Easybulb Wifi box to be able to use the remote. The Wifi box is only needed if you want to use the bulbs with your mobile phone or device.
  • Can the remote/phone apps turn the bulb off?
  • Yes there is an off and on button on the App and Remote.
  • If these bulbs replace the normal bulb can the already fitted power on/off wall switched (as normal in a house) be used to turn them on and off?
  • Yes you can still use the wall switch to control the bulbs.
  • If you had a bulb turned on via the remote/phone app, and you turn it off at the main power, when you turn it back on at the main power does the bulb switch on and does it remember the last used setting?
  • The Easybulb has memory settings so it will retain the last settings after loss of power or switching off and back on.
  • If a bulb is turned on at the mains but off via the App and you then turn it off at the mains, then back on, does the bulb stay turned off (as this was it’s last used setting) or will it turn on?
  • This varies on timing. If the bulb is switched off from the App. To turn it back on using the wall switch all you need do is flick off and then wait 3 seconds and switch it back on and the bulb will light up.
  • Will you be producing other bulb fitments, for instance ones that can be used in Bath rooms (SES bulbs). Or outside bulbs?
  • We are looking at other types of bulbs in the future.
  • Will there be an API I can use to build my own apps that manage my lighting?
  • We already have a fantastic API at http://easybulb.com/api
  • Will you be producing any switch products that replaces existing main power switches instead of using the remote?
  • Yes. In a couple of months we will be launching The Easybulb wall switch.
  • What is the different between Easybulb and Easybulb Plus?
  • The Easybulb Plus is a new shaped bulb with a flat illumination area. The Easybulb Plus works same way as the rest of the other products.
  • When will Easybulb release strip LED lights?
  • We will be launching new Easybulb LED strip lights in the middle of March this year.
  • When should we expect a Microsoft Windows phone App?
  • We are working on Windows phone App at the moment and it will be released in the middle of the year.

Easybulb smartlights

The above Easybulb questions and answers provides more information about the fantastic things the Easybulb products can be used for in homes and offices. For more information about the Easybulb products please contact us by telephone or simply email us online.

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