Easybulb Plus Review By Tablets for Me – Youtube Video

Today Tablets For Me uploaded a new video on YouTube reviewing the Easybulb Plus.

The review starts with the Unboxing of the Easybulb Plus Flat bulbs and went on to talk about what comes in the package and how it can be setup.

Also mentioned in the review are the functions and benefits of using Easybulb Plus. The reviewer mentioned the below in the video:

1. Unboxing of the product

2. Setup and fuctions

3. How the Easybulb Plus can be controlled while away from home

3. Timer functionality

4. Sleep Mode

5. Voice Control

6. Music Speaker Sync

7. Individual bulb control

This Easybulb Plus review by Tablets For Me was made independently by them as they can see how useful the product can be to the end user.

Easybulb Plus is an iPhone Controlled light bulb which can also be fully functional while the user is away from home. Easybulb features many functionality and is energy efficient as it comes in low power consumption rates ranging from 4W to 9W.

Available at the Easybulb store are different types of lightings like the GU10 Spotlights, E27 and B22 flat bulbs, Downlights, White lights, Strip Lights and many others. Head to Easybulb Plus store to find the right one that suits you needs.

Other video reviews can be found on Youtube and online generally. Included below is another review by Chan Mehey:

easybulb plus

Head over to the Easybulb website to see more about the product.

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