About us

At Easybulb Limited, we had a mission: to represent a company with the vision to move the world forward with new ideas, new insights and cutting-edge innovations. We had the passion to focus on developing the first LED light which would be capable of being controlled by WIFI and smart devices. We worked on our design until we had it perfected and we now have a working product that is ready for global distribution. We plan to market our finished product to the entire world as we launch and we feel we are now ready to share our invention with the world.

There are many products which  promise to take the world to new levels but Home Automation is the future and with EasyBulb Plus™, we have created a way to allow people to make their lives simpler and more convenient. It uses cutting-edge technology which addresses one of the most important resources we have-time. It will allow people to do things faster and in a way they are accustomed to-using only their mobile device. We are dedicated to bringing new technologies to the world, starting with EasyBulb Plus.

You will not be able to yet buy the Easybulb Plus products from high street retailers. Our goal is to make Wifi light bulbs as affordable as possible. So we are cutting out the middlemen to bring you this cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

Address: 8 Rylance Street, Manchester M11 3NP.

Tel: +44 (0) 1618187130

Send us a message: easybulb@gmail.com