iPhone, iPad and Android Controlled Wifi Smart Light Bulb

Smart light bulbs that you can control from anywhere, save you money and last up to 25 yrs

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Full Control of Your Lights at Your Finger Tips

Easybulb™ is smart bulb, energy-efficient, multicolour lights, which is all controlled by your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets. Here are some of the features  you’re sure to love:

  • Colour changing light bulb including white light
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Voice Control
  • Control lights away from home and any location around the globe
  • Control individual lights or in a Group
  • Set timer for each light to turn on and off
  • Save energy – 9Watts LED bulb and 25 years Lifespan
  • Save-As-You-Dim Technology
  • Dim your Smart lights to match your mood
  • Sleep Mode
  • WPA2 Security, given a user sole authorization to the lights
  • Has memory function to resume previous settings
  • Calls and Message Notification
  • Music Sync
  • Open API
  • Use the Easybulb physical remote without the need for Wifi box
  • And Many More…


Amazing Easybulb Plus™, WIFI and 3G/4G technology allow you to control your devices even when you are away on vacation with ease. Turn your lights up or down. All App functions made available at your fingertips even when you are not near the lights at your home or business. Home Automation simplified.






With the Easybulb App timer and Sleep mode functions, you can wake up to an automatic bright light synced with your phone alarm. With the Sleep Mode activated with a certain time, the lights will start dimming gradually till it goes off.  All functions can be setup even when away from home or business.

  • Set time on each bulb in different groups
  • Use your lights as a wake up device
  • Use Sleep Mode feature to send your child to sleep
  • Useful when going on holiday
  • Can be set even when you are away from home or business


Use Easybulb™ Smart Bulb to control your entire room and home to match your mood. Using your iPhone or Android device, you can literally “dial your way” to match your mood, or even change your mood with the right colour combinations. Colour changing light bulb with 16 million colours including white light.






A Range of Easybulb Smart Bulbs Available

The Easybulb Wifi light bulbs come in different types and fittings. Available are Easybulb Globes RGBW and White Lights, which come in B22 Bayonet and E27 Edison Screw fittings. Also available are Easybulb GU10, Easybulb Downlights, Easybulb E14 small Edison screw, remotes and others. Head over to our shop to see range of products.

Easy To Install - No Electrical Know How Needed

All the range of Easybulb Smart lights can be installed easily like your regular lights. No electrician needed. Just replace your old regular bulb with Easybulb, download the App, connect the Wifi Box and be inspired beyond your imagination.






When you’re away from home, set a timer for lights in the house to go on or off. This will deter possible burglars and you can also use this when you are at home too, to go off after you finish reading for the night, etc. This is made possible as they are Wifi light bulbs.


Let your light listen and dance to your music by simply placing your phone close to any music source. The music mode can be used anywhere.


EasyBulb even “knows” when you get SMS or text messages, notifications and more. You can program it to alert you when messages come in! How cool is that? A mood light modern day techno secretary! And it does much more than that! You can control entire lighting groups or individual lights to recognise activity in the house or office, program up to 10 sequence modes, and even create your own app!


EasyBulb Wifi light bulb was designed with conservation in mind so it is energy-efficient and earth-friendly while it also serves as Home Automation lights. They range between 4 to 9 watt LED lights. LEDs have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to 25 years of average use. EasyBulb also also comes free of any harmful chemicals such as mercury and other substances so you know the light that is emanating is not harming you, your family, or the earth. It is environment-friendly and features an efficient “dimming” feature which allows you to increase your savings the more you use it – So You Save as you dim. When compared to standard 60-100W bulbs, the Easybulb outshines and outlasts them with much less power output.

So head over to the Easybulb Plus Shop to find the right smart bulb for your home or business.

Use your Wall Switch – Still works like your regular light

EasyBulb smart bulbs, despite its high-tech features, also works with standard light switch, if you prefer that, giving you the easy option of flipping the switch on and off when you leave or enter a room. save money on low energy light bulbs and colour changing lights by using this product.