Can I control Easybulb Plus from outside my home or office?

Yes, Easybulb products features holiday control which allows you to easily control your lights from wherever you are in the world providing you that sense of security when you are outside your home or business.

Do I need the Easybulb Wifi Box to be able to control my lights?

The Easybulb Wifi Box is needed only if you want to use the lights with you mobile phone or tablet. You will not need the Wifi box if you want to use the Easybulb Remote only.

What mobile devices can I use with Easybulb Plus?

Easybulb Plus is compatible with ALL Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhones, iPod touch and iPads.

What voltage does Easybulb Plus work on?

Easybulb Plus works on 86V – 265V making it suitable for every homes and businesses in the world.

Will Easybulb Plus save me money?

Certainly. Easybulb Plus is as low as 9Watts and you save as you dim. And Easybulb Plus will last for up to 25 years so you are going to save a lot. Easybulb Plus RGBW when set to Blue, Orange, Red and Green only uses 3.6Watts at full brightness.

In what type of light sockets can I use Easybulb Plus?

Easybulb Plus comes in Bayonet B22, Edison Screw E26/E27, E14 small screw and GU10 socket fittings. Easybulb Plus can also be used with adapters and converters e.g E14 to B22 Adapter, E14 to E27 Adapter and etc.

Can Easybulb Plus be operated with regular wall switch?

Yes, Easybulb Plus can also be turn on/off using the wall switch. Easybulb will also work if the switch is the 3 way type.

What about Security? Can other people take control of my Easybulb Plus lights?

Easybulb Plus is extremely secure. The WiFi controller uses standard security settings with encryption packets of WPA2 making only you or authorized person and devices able to control the lights.

How many Easybulb Plus bulbs can I connect with one Wifi Controller?

Only one Wifi Controller can be used to control as many Easybulb Plus as you like.

What if I do not own a smartphone?

Plans are being made for Easybulb Plus physical remotes to be produced. With this remote you will be able to control your lights without the need of your smartphone.

Can I use my home or office network (Router)?

Yes, as far as you have the Easybulb Plus Wifi Controller you can join network with the instructions we provide.

Can I use dimmer switch for Easybulb Plus?

If you will use a dimmer the switch will need to remain at maximum. This provides full power to the light bulbs. You will not be able to use your wall mounted dimmer to dim your Easybulb Plus smartbulbs. To dim you will need to use the Smartphone App.

What is the warranty for Easybulbs Plus?

We give 2 years warranty on Easybulb Plus light bulbs for your peace of mind.

Will the Easybulb Plus App drain the battery power on my mobile device?

The Easybulb Plus App uses very little amount of battery power. We have performed extensive tests on device energy usage during manufacture.

Can I use Windows or Blackberry phones for Easybulb Plus?

Easybulb Plus does not work with Windows and Blackberry phones as of yet. However, we are considering making apps for them.

Do I have to be in range of the WiFi controller box to control my lights or can I do this remotely?

No. Because the Easybulb Plus automatically works with your 3G or 4G network, you will not need to be in the range of the Wifi box to control it. The Easybulb Plus can be controlled from anywhere you are.

Can more than One phone control Easybulb Plus?

Yes. Straight out of the box you can connect as many phones as possible.