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Easybulb Plus Wifi controlled LED light bulbs are very eco-friendly and energy saving. They are sure to last you up to 25 years of average daily use.Head straight to the Easybulb Shop to find the suitable product to fit your home or business.

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You will not be able to yet buy the Easybulb Plus from high street retailers. Our goal is to make Wifi light bulbsĀ as affordable as possible. So we are cutting out the middlemen to bring you this cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

Retail and wholesale prices are available. Talk to us about big orders by emailing us and sending us the types and quantity of the products you require. Prices we offer depends on the quantity the buyer is looking at ordering. So let us know today by eMail or telephone.

For samples order you will need to order online also. We do not send out samples for free.

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