Easybulb Plus Setup Tutorial


The Easybulb Apps for Android and iOS can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. The Easybulb Support page will be updated soon with videos and more support links. The links to the Apps for the Easybulb Products is as below: iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/easybulb/id924830270?mt=8  Android App: here

How to Setup The Easybulb For the First Time

How To Setup the Easybulb Remote

How to Connect Strip Light and Strip Controller

The below images shows how the Easybulb strip lights and strip controllers should be connected. You will also find below the way the wires of the strip should be arranged and the type of adaptor we recommend.

The strip wires must be connected as below How to connect strip wires Image showing complete connection Complete strip setup Recommended Adaptor type (Adaptor set to 19V) recommended adaptor for Easybulb Strip light

How to use more than one phone or tablet

You can use more than one phone or tablet to control the Easybulb Plus. All you need do is setup with one phone or tablet for the first time by following the first video on this page. Then you can go ahead to control with another device by doing the same thing but this time you will not be needing to change the Wifi setup on your phone or tablet. Simply download the App into the new phone or tablet, press Get Started and continue from there. The App will automatically connect/copy the configuration from the first phone used to set it all up. The new phone or tablet must be connected to your router network for this to be possible. Things you must know and do when using additional phone or tablet: 1. The bulbs will NOT FLASH 3 times when synced to the additional phone. As the bulbs would have already been setup and synced on phone used to originally set it all up, they will not flash again when using additional phone. Simply choose Yes when prompted about them flashing. 2. You will also need to MATCH the grouping of the bulbs. This means the bulbs needs to be synced to the same groups where they are originally located/synced on the other phone used for initial setup. 3. As the groups match on each phones or tablets used, the controls will work exactly the same way. This means that phone 1, phone2 or more will do exactly the same thing. If you need more help with setup please contact us by eMail.

I have changed router and now I cannot use my Easybulb Plus

If you have changed router you will need to reset the Easybulb wifi box and start the setup again using the setup video on this page. It is important to sync bulbs to the groups they were located initially. If you try to sync them with different groups the will not work. Note that the bulbs will NOT FLASH 3 times during setup/syncing because they already exist in the Easybulb wifi box configuration. Simply choose Yes when prompted. Easybulb Plus is built with WPA2 Encryption so it is very safe for your network use.   Voice Control To know more about Easybulb Plus Voice control please watch the video below: https://youtu.be/e2DiKqcvRLk?t=5m54s You would need to be in a quiet place for the voice control to work due to other sound interference.


SETTING UP RGB+CCT REMOTE (Note that the RGB+CCT remotes can only be used with RGB+CCT bulbs/downlights and strips only. They will not work with the RGBW products